POST- mostra dell'umanità superstite
A site-specific performance 


“The System” is per definition always absorbing the abnormalities, therefore building a physical system as a metaphorical space for the experiments about rebellion, we can observe how the process relentlessly repeats itself.


Text Maria Laura de Bardi e Aurora Kellermann

Proiezioni live e light design Domenico Catano

Music Akoros e Domenico Catano

Production AKRcollettivo

Together with effimerateatro, NNU e TeatroForte

Sustained by TheaterHausMitte Berlin 

Year 2001 saw the Twin Towers falling down and the death Carlo Giuliani.
The world ́s face had changed, USA was at war again, in Italy the relationship between consent and dissent was deeply compromised. It ́s been 10 years since that happened. It ́s time for us to think about it.
POST-, meaning afterwards, is a collection of images of the world starting with these events, it is ashow of the survived humanity and its slow dehumanization happening through the so called “normalization process”. POST- is a tank of suggestions gathered through workshops and site specific interventions. The work is collecting through this process performative materials which can be presented as unique part of composed in a long breath event. Each intervention is meant to be, in the first place, completely autonomous through the peculiar, again unique, relationship with the space.

Post- is the future.
Post- is the time detracted from history.
The time without imaginary.
Post- is a place detracted from action: the body observes, repeats mechanical gestures, small movements.
Tic tac tic tac tic tac.
Post- is illusion of movement. Perfect stillness in which the feeling of movement condenses in a few square meters.
Post- is a bit more than human, a bit less than machine.
Post- is absence of news prisoned in continuous change - everything seems to change but is a program which repeats a loop.
Post- is a loop. Some minutes long, some decades. The age of the world.
The world of Post- is full of light, plastic coated. There is no room for the flesh. The physiology is the only allowed physical process.
The revolution finds its only possible expression within the body.

Don't build the bomb. Be the bomb.

One of the characteristics of the high technology environment in which we are living today is the concentration of the communication on some channels and the complete dismissal of the others. The definition of the personal identity happens through the construction of many parallels identities disconnected from the physical experience in a kind of apparent multiplication of the self. The relationship with the events of the world is not different: the over-stimulation of the vision by the media let every news disappear in a fog of images which hardly enters the enclosure of our personal perceptions. Everything happens far away from us, we look at the events on television even though they are taking place in our city.

Since the real contact between the people is affected by this absence of a physical experience, the rebellion cannot be anything else but the divergence of some isolated particles, happening in a quite private sphere and mostly not planned or organised.


POST- is composed by about 11 fragments which can be composed according to the structure of the performance space. The number of the fragments represented can be also adjusted: POST- looks never the same.


 1. Don ́t build the bomb. Be the bomb.

This fragment can be installed on a big surface, for example the facade of a building or be compressed on a stage. It is a movement composition where the bodies explore the status of being explosive.


 2. A bit more than human, a bit less than machine

This fragment is what we call an “open system”. Taking inspiration by the Physics model we build an ordered series of actions which can be repeated as a loop. This schemes have the value of algorithms showing some aspects of the schizophrenia of the every day life: the sudden multiplication of the personal identities, the possibility to give a different interpretation to exactly identical images, the impossibility to act outside of the system itself.


 3. The square

A research about the breaking point: an overstimulated system tend to explode. Two performer play a power game of an ambiguous meaning.


4. POST- audio installation

Audio installation. It is used to connect the fragments between each other. A performer with the mask of a Panda bear guides the audience through the performance. The metaphor of the Panda bear is the one of the human kind being threatened by extinction. 



5.The cry of the world

The performers, in a silent scream, give body to the “cry of the world” while we listen to the ground sound of the universe.


 6.Gioia ́s explosion

Interactive installation about the explosion as creative event.


7.The loneliness of the every day life

The actual show of the surviving human kind. Some performers show a hint of humanity in the repetition of a personal gesture.


 8.The triangle

Closed system. Two performers repeat a sequence of action up to the point in which the composition itself explodes.


 9.The list

Image of a street political demonstration, the list has been collected during the performances of our previous production E.C.F.C. where we asked the audience to answer the question: “What would you like to destroy?”.



Performative installation about the death of Carlo Giuliani.


11.Private is politic

Dialogue about the theme of political action.

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